Understanding Prejudice
Understanding Prejudice
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Links on Prejudice
Animals As an Outgroup

The following links and video clips relate to speciesism, human-animal relations, vegetarianism, and the environment. You may also wish to read more about animals as a target of prejudice in the Reading Room.

Speciesm and Human-Animal Relations:

Speciesism (Prejudice Toward Animals)

Research on Human-Animal Relations

University and College Courses

Humane Education

Other Programs and Organizations

Institutionalized Prejudice Toward Food Animals:

Animal Agriculture Information and Statistics

[Warning: Content may be upsetting]

Other Resources on Clean Meat

Animal Industry Responses and Position Statements

Animal Protection:

Animal Protection Gateways, News, and Networks

Farm Animal Protection

Primate Protection

Occupation-Oriented Animal Protection Groups

Additional Animal Protection Groups

Animal Protection Foundations and Funds

Vegetarian and Vegan Resources:

Vegetarianism (meatless diet -- may include eggs and dairy products)

Veganism (meatless diet that excludes all animal products)

Religion and Vegetarianism/Veganism

Vegetarian/Vegan Catalogs and Companies

Companion Animal Vegetarianism/Veganism

Compassionate Living

Other Vegetarian/Vegan Topics

  • VeggieDate (vegetarian singles dating service and network)
  • Beyond Carnism (promoting rational, compassionate food choices)
  • New Harvest (advancing research on meat grown from cell cultures)
  • VegFamily (vegan pregnancy, childrearing, recipes, and resources)
  • FamousVeggie (profiles of many famous vegetarians and vegans)
  • VegDining (online guide to vegetarian restaurants around the world)
  • Vegetarian Travel Guide (restaurants, stores, vacations, and more)
  • Food for Life (world's largest vegan/vegetarian food relief program)
  • HappyCow (guide to vegetarian restaurants and health food stores)

Other Animal-Related Sites: